Which is More Useful Printed Paper Maps or Digital Maps

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I love road maps, even during this digital, satellite GPS age. I will sit at the table with a cup of occasional and lose myself in a real plan. A decent one makes me desire a child once more with my entire life sooner than me.

Yes, I even have Associate in Nursing iPhone that I deploy to navigate short hops. However, most of the time, the juvenile person in me takes the wheel. I stash the phone and navigate by paper and a well-honed instinct that came from years of driving everywhere the lower forty-eight, back once I drove a lumber truck down country roads by day and navigated by night as a general-assignment newspaper newsman.

But this is often over Associate in Nursing lyric poem to longing and romance or probing for analog objects in a very digital world. Even in 2019, there area unit sensible reasons to possess a paper map, whether or not it is the kind you’ll be able to grab at the filling station or a durable road atlas (I suggest this one) that lives in your automotive.

1. Paper Maps Are Accurate

I’m surprised by satellite views of roadways and rural areas. Most of the time they’re correct. Interestingly enough, though, their area unit times once the program that interprets between satellite and map read incorporates a troublesome time creating the interpretation.

Unless a paper map goes out of date, I’ve found them to be nearly unflawed.

2. Paper Never Quits

Paper is that the final in analog. It ne’er freezes up whereas you’re viewing it, boots up Associate in Nursing annoying package Update message, or runs out of battery right at the first crucial moment. Even though you spill a cup of occasional on a road map, it’s not ruined, and that’s over I will say for my phone.

3. Paper Maps Are Comparative

You can check a paper map against a Google map. A satellite read another plan or a more prominent atlas. Once you’ve got nothing, however, your phone, you don’t have a second or third reference unless you are willing to leap back and forth between rival mapping apps.

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4. Paper Maps Are Simple

Somebody tells you that a paper map is hard to read? Don’t believe them. Reading a plan is as simple as reading this sentence. Here’s a superb basic tutorial.

5. Paper Helps You Selected Alternate Routes

GPS navigation users dread the acquainted word “recalculating,” once the system detects retardation and tries to seek out a quicker route. Your phone would send you on a replacement path that’s either ridiculous or on that you’ll lose the property. Again, you are at the mercy of Associate in the Nursing rule.

If you have got a map, then you’ll be able to plot your detour, particularly in a very geographic region. Pullover, whip out the fiducial road map, take the closest exit, and you’re back within the game.

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